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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Favorites

How was your day yesterday? Thanksgiving was so wonderful at our house and I was absolutely fat and happy by the end of the day. Now we have a long weekend to look forward to and it's officially Christmas time! I've been holding back on posting too much Christmas, so I'm VERY excited for this months posts.

It's Friday and here are some things that I wish could be mine from around the web.

1. This fur vest from H&M looks chic and cozy for winter. Put it with some jeans and some tall boots. Happiness!

2. This chunky neck ring would look cute and cozy with the vest on a cold day.

3. This necklace would be a fun accessory for a holiday party, but it would also look adorable with a t-shirt and jeans.

4. Shoes make me happy, but these strappy booties make me OH so happy. I love the color and the detail.

5. I am absolutely smitten with this hair clip! How cute would this look with the perfect holiday dress??

6. Peppermint Bark is out at William Sonoma! I'm ex-static! So, so yummy.

7. Who doesn't love a hot cup of goodness on a cold day? These mug cozies make it so much better and cuter!

8. Check out this awesome gingerbread pan! You can make gingerbread houses from scratch. How fun is that?!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I love all those finds...The cup warmer is adorable and I so want that necklace:) Wish you an amazing weekened, my dear

  2. Hi Amanda!
    Nice to meet you! :)Thanks for your sweet comment, I really appreciate this!The gingerbread-pan is cute, I`m not really sure, if we have such kind of pan`s in germany!
    Best wishes and have a wonderful weekend!
    It`s cold in germany...the first snow was fallin` two days ago....Beate XX

  3. Lovely finds! The number 1 is my fave and it's H&m! Perfect.
    Thank you for checking my blog earlier.

  4. Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your visit at my blog and your comment. I'm glad you did as this brought me right here! I like your blog and I'm going to add it to my favorites right away.
    All the best!



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