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Monday, April 4, 2011

Manly Monday

So...this was supposed to be posted first thing this morning. Not sure what happened, but I'm gonna have to watch that now. 

How was your weekend dears? Mine was awesome. Got plenty of sunlight, scored on some thrift finds, and got a pedicure. Doesn't get much better than that!! We didn't go to the flea market because it's actually the 2nd Sunday of the month, so this coming Sunday we're all over it. I've even got Husband convinced that it'll be fun (yes I'm that good).

It's been a while, so I figured a Manly Monday was in order. So here's some awesomeness for the men in your lives. 

1. One of a kind vintage map newspaper stand
2. Awesome watch
3. Wood panel laptop sleeve
4. Stripey shirts for everyone!
5. Retro radio
6. Hand painted canvas ties

Happy Manly Monday!


  1. It's just another manic monday.. I wish it was sunday.. cause that's my fun day.

    Obviously one of the best songs EVER.

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