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Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Lips

As much as I admire women who have the perfect red pout, I have never been confidant wearing red lipstick. I don't feel like it looks good on me. I'm thinking that maybe I just haven't found the right color. I would love to wear the perfect red lipstick (a la picture above) for my Valentines date with husband. Ladies, I need some help! Suggestions please???

Also, don't forget to enter this weeks givaway. You have til Sunday!

(pic via vintagesoulsneverdie.tumblr)


  1. i wore red lipstick on halloween and i loved it! i wish i had the courage to wear it more often. i got this::

    and it stayed on all night. good luck :) xoxo jcd

  2. The ability to wear red lips is dependent on your color type or season... Or, let's be precise, your season tells you which red will look natural on you and which one will look like you're working the corner ;-) I haven't found mine yet, but as a Light Spring type, I know I am looking for a clear-but-not-too-bright, neutral-but-warm and light-to-medium intensity red, preferably in gloss form, as the airy things tend to look better on me as the heavier things (like metallic finishes) :-) Now I only have to find it! :-D

  3. I find a nice coral lipstick is fun and flirty.



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