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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paris and Snow

I am knee deep in cookies and frosting (sounds yummy huh), so I'm slacking a little on my posts today. Here is a little bit of eye candy for you from one of my favorite Paris blogs. Paris in the snow! Wouldn't it be awesome to spend a Christmas here? I am so swooning right now.

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  1. Oh Amanda - you and I totally think alike in our pining for snowiness. Being knee deep in frosting isn't bad either!

    Speaking of cooking, I have a cookware (or gift certificate) giveaway - enter if you'd like! Win All Clad, Le Creuset or $50 to CSN at Chic 'n Cheap Living!

  2. Dear Amanda,
    yes, also Germany has it`s snow chaos!It is incredible how much snow we´ve got this busses are running and no school for the kids (what a *fiesta* ;)..!!!
    I cannot remember when we had so much snow at the beginning of december.
    Enjoy your cookie baking...can smell the scent! Beate :)) XX

  3. Oh I love these pictures, it makes me wish I lived in a city like Paris! I don't live in the prettiest town, but it does snow here!

  4. I'm preparing myself to bake some cookies today. So excited.
    These images are dreamy!!
    Have a nice weekend.



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