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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Love Affair

My major love affair with maxi dresses continues. The first dress is my little Mother's Day treat from H&M that I got.  Yay! Then... I found these. For quite some time, I've been smitten with the amazing and beautiful tie-dyes that Shabd is My Name makes. I took a little visit to the online shop a couple days ago only to fall in love with these oh so pretty maxi dresses. That blue/purple one is just calling my name. Or screaming "own me".  I can't tell which...

Dears, what's your go-to outfit for this Spring/Summer?


  1. ooo I love those maxi dresses. I'm definitely looking into getting a few for the summer. Yess.

  2. Those tie-dye dresses are so beautiful! Heading over to check them out right now.



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