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Friday, March 25, 2011

Have a Sunny Weekend

Happy Friday lovelies!! I swear I just eked by this week, but I made it! I am looking forward to getting out a bit this weekend as I'm going stir crazy being on lock down with sick babies. We have some family coming down our way, so we will be making a trip to San Diego to play a bit. Sooo looking forward to that! What are your plans this weekend dears? I hope you can get out and finally enjoy some Spring weather.

Here are some fun links for you to peruse when you're lounging. Have a lovely, lovely weekend!!

The perfect Spring dessert

Beautiful Candice Bergen 

Totally stunning images

Cutest tea cups ever

You can't even see the whole outfit, but FABULOUS!

Awesome penny tiled desk. Just think of the possibilities!

The cutest tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

I REALLY want to paint one of these hot pink and put it in my lil gals room

(pic via)


  1. haha that necklace swing is very cool...

    I'm trying to find some Spring in NYC this weekend - it is so cold still here....!

  2. some good weekend pretty links there!! I tagged you in a Blog Award over on my blog :)


  3. What a lovely image...
    Thanks for the links ♥

  4. That outfit is really amazing and I totally want those tea cups. Have a lovely Monday, sweetie



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