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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dreamy Bedrooms

Sorry for my lack of posting today, it was just such a Monday!! It didn't help that B (my little one) decided to party like a rock star last night and kept us up past 2:30am. If you asked me a question right now it'd take me about 5 minutes before I could respond. So since I've been daydreaming about my bed all day, here are some dreamy bedrooms that I'd LOVE to snooze in. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  See ya tomorrow.

(pics via Colin & Justin, Country Living, Pinterest, Deb McLean)


  1. Love that white one with the tub and fireplace.
    AMAZZZZZING! ;-) xxx

  2. love that brick wall!!!! Happy Monday!

  3. Wow these are stunning, no 1 and 4 for me please :) Adorable! Thank you for sharing, I'm actually hunting for bedroom ideas at the moment :)

  4. I'd really like to get a chandelier in my bedroom, but maybe not a plain white one, perhaps a pink one or a blue one lol. Nice photos

  5. That photo wall in the 3rd picture is super lovely... gorgeous room! Nice collection of photos... :)



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