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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines Wishes

Sparkly hearts for your shoes! Perfect for a Valentines date

I heart this pillow!

Love letters envelope necklace - I'd love to get one of these! (pssst husband)

Wouldn't this couples poster be a uber-cute gift?

What do you do for Valentines Day? Fancy dinner? Order in and cozy up by the fire? Romantic movie and treats?

When I was little my mom would distract us while my dad went out and put gifts on the doorstep for us. Then he'd ring the doorbell and run to be back inside. My mom would tell us that we must all have secret admirers! We do this now in our house. It's fun to see the look of glee on my kids faces and I must admit that I still love having a secret admirer too;)

This is my Valentines wishlist of things I'd love to get and some things I might just give!


  1. oh give me some of those heart shoes. Sure I'll feel kinda like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ but they are so cute.

  2. These are great picks! Honored to be here :)





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