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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unusual Engagement Rings

Brown Diamond

Raw Diamond

What are your thoughts about unconventional wedding rings? I have to say that I'm kind of smitten with the idea. I love the idea of having something totally unique and one of a kind as a symbol love. Afterall, that person is special enough to be the one you've given your heart to. Right?

I love, love these rings! The raw cut diamond is my favorite, but the sapphire is totally tugging at my heartstrings (it's my birthstone). Would you wear them as wedding rings?

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  1. Im all for it and the second one is so stunning. Such a sweet little things:) Happy Tuesday, darling

  2. i would hardly call them unconventional, since the whole "classic" diamond solitaire engagement ring is a recent newcomer to the scene, albeit incredibly well advertised. so well, in fact, that people think it's the only way to go and historical to boot. if you read any literature from victorian era and back, it was absolutely normal to give an engagement ring that was a family ring, a grandmother's ring, or some such, with whatever stone. i find it sad to see hordes of little bridettes, all exclaiming in unison about how original their diamond solitaire ring is. yawn.
    i have an emerald-cut aquamarine ring that my husband had made for me and i adore it. of course you do get the odd person who looks at it and goes "...oh. that's not a diamond." well, imagine that. no, it's not. and thank god for that!

  3. Anonymous thanks so much for sharing, you are so right! I have a family ring that was my great grandmothers wedding ring from the early 1900's and I absolutely cherish it. It's kind of sad that we've lost that custom, but unfortunately a lot of people just don't hang on to stuff like that anymore.

  4. I love that raw diamond ring- it's beautiful, a "diamond in the rough"...
    Lovely to meet you and your lovely blog!

  5. AHHH, they are so beautiful! I love rough diamonds! xxx



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