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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love Story

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Back in 1997, I was being dragged (and I do mean dragged) by a group of friends to see the re-release of Star Wars. There were probably about 15 of us going and amongst that group of friends, was husbands younger brother. So I showed up to the theater and WOWIE who was that hunk of a man standing there with all my friends? Apparently, that night husband made a last minute decision to tag along. Fate? I immediately started scheming as to how I was going sit by him. Come to find out, he was also scheming. I enlisted the help of a girlfriend or two and got to sit next to him. It was an "oops I guess there are no other seats left" kinda thing. I had no idea what I was watching, but it turned out to be the best movie ever!

I was always getting little love letters or flowers from him and quickly fell hopelessly in love.  About 7 months later, he took me up to the top of a hill with a gorgeous view, at sunset, got down on one knee and proposed! (I have it on video, so I'll share the one day)

We spent the first 7 years of marriage having fun, traveling and going to U2 concerts. We've laughed a lot, cried a bit, and seen each other with the worst bed head imaginable. One Great Dane and two kids later, he is still my very best friend in the whole world and I couldn't live without him.  Love you mucho honey!

Pass it on and share your love story on this Valentines Day.  Let me know if you do cause I'd love to read.


  1. I love your story!...
    I smiled reading about all the scheming in the early stages :)

  2. Oh Amanda, yours is a lovely, lovely story...thanks for sharing :))



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