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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day darlings! How was your weekend? BOTH my kids are sick, so we spent most of the weekend hanging around home in our pj's and had a little movie marathon. It was kinda nice!

So I wasn't thinking we'd be able to go out tonight, but Husband surprised me and got a babysitter.  I get to go out...on a date...without kids! I'm so excited!! Now my mission is to hunt down some red lipstick and try to transform myself from mom with snot on her shirt to sexy lady on a date;)

Do you have any fun Valentines plans?


  1. i hope the kids feel better! have a wonderful date tonight!! my bf and i celebrated yesterday bc he is on call tonight. :) xoxo jcd

  2. We went out on Saturday night because hubby has to work today. I'm pretty sure I had snot on me...

  3. Have a great time Mandy! Heather offered to babysit for us tonight, so I am excited...although I don't know if we'll get into a restaurant without a reservation now! Happy Valentine's day! Love you!

  4. Audra - I don't think I can avoid having snot on me either. LOL!

  5. oh lovely... enjoy your date night! hope your kids get better soon.

    (what a great giveaway you had- I was about to enter but noticed it's been and gone!)



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