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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LA vs NY

Elle Creative Director Joe Zee shows us how completely different the style is from Los Angeles to New York. Can you tell which is which? Do you dress more NY or LA?

See the complete article here


  1. just stopping by! love the blog and the pictures! suuuper cute! :]

  2. I think it's New York, LA, New York, New York, LA, LA. I'd like to think I dress more NY, but as I'm in England I'm not really sure! But it's so cold here I definitely do not look like an LA girl!

  3. I love this NY vs LA thing. I've seen the magazine and I love both styles

  4. This is awesome! I love Joe of Elle. I definitely dress more LA, maybe its because I love the beach/bohemian look. lovely post and good to know im not the only starbucks addict haha

  5. It's awesome! I'd say I dress more like NY when I am here, in England but when I go back to my parents' house on the French Riviera, the beach girl in me screams LA style. Both styles are goregous anyway.



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