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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky Stays

Heeere's Johnny!
For those of you who have read or seen "The Shining" (I only watched it once), the Stanley Hotel was the inspiration behind it. The most popular room is 217. The hotel offers ghost tours and ghost hunts where you will hear tales of actual sightings. Guests can also tun in to "The Shining" on one of the hotel's television stations where it's on loop all of the day.

The Winchester Mystery House was lived in by the widow and heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. Mrs. Winchester felt that she was being haunted by the evil spirits of those killed by a Winchester rifle. So in order to confuse these evil spirits she kept changing and creating more and more rooms. The result of this was stairs leading to the ceiling, doors that go nowhere, and chimneys that stop just short of the roof. Flashlight tours of the mansion are given every Friday the 13th and at Halloween!

The Lizzie Borden B&B is the home where Lizzie Borden allegedly took an ax to her parents. Guests can stay in rooms that used to belong to various family members including the room that her parents were found dead in. If you're not creeped out enough, there is a mannequin of Lizzie Borden and crime scene photos in this room. I would not be brave enough to stay here! (shudder, shudder)

Sidenote: I should not have done this post before bed


  1. I HAVE to visit the Stanley Hotel one of these days. That's been on my life bucket list for awhile now! :) Did you know parts of it were filmed at the Timber Lodge in Oregon? They had a huge Shining party there once. Hope they have another one soon! :)

  2. Have you ever been to the Stanley Hotel? The tour really IS creepy.



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