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Friday, April 8, 2011

Have a Fantastic Weekend

Happy weekend!! So the Rose Bowl flea market is actually this weekend. We've got babysitters, so we are so on! I am really, really excited about this. It's funny because it seems that everyone we talk to about this is planning on going too, so it must be good. I will be sure to give you a full report.  Other than that, it's a movie and Thai food tonight and hopefully catching up on a little sleep. 

What wonderful, fantastic plans do you have this weekend? I sometimes live vicariously through you, so I LOVE to hear:)

Here are some lovely links to browse while you're being lazy.

Daydreaming about Paris lights

A stripey bathtub - AWESOME

Tomato soup and baked zucchini sticks...mmmmm

The Instant Comfort pocket box. Need these!

Stripey skirt and red shoes? Yes please.

My love for vintage suitcases continues...

Mini gladiators. So stinkin cute!

Have you seen Kate Spade's new website and this hat?


(photo via A Beautiful Inheritance)


  1. I'm doing homework and cleaning my room this weekend, plus running errands and buying groceries! Sound glamorous, eh? I'm checking out your awesome links right now! Kate Spade's website is so colorful! xoxoxoo

  2. My birthday was friday but I actually had a very very quiet weekend. I spent a few days during the week in Donegal though on holiday with my was so beautiful!
    Hope you found some good finds at the market!



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