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Friday, April 29, 2011

Have a Beautiful Weekend

It has been one heck of a week this week!! We've been on spring break (thus the lack of posting), and it's been busy! I'm excited to get things back to normal and show some more TLC to my neglected blog. I have major blog clog, so I might be posting a lot next week if I can organize my thoughts. So this weekend, we are relaxing and just going with the flow.

I know the royal wedding buzz is EVERYWHERE, but how pretty was that bride? Also, she held herself together marvelously. I had my daughter on my lap while we were watching and she was soooo excited to see Kate. It was adorable!! Congrats to the happy couple.

P.S. As I said last week, I am re-vamping Friday Fav's, so hopefully by next weekend I'll have it up.

Here are the weekend links:

I heart this outfit to death

Some more union jack is in order today

Most adorable sunglasses

Can't stop listening to this band

I want every one of these

How cute are these sandals?

These blow my breakfast-for-dinner ideas out of the water!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

(pic via A Beautiful Inheritance)


  1. she did do a great job! she must have been so nervous!

  2. ooo i want to be in a tent JUST like that one. right now.

  3. I know wouldn't that tent be awesome to chill in?



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