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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Cup of Tea

My little escape from the stress and goings on of daily life comes in the form of a cup of tea. For just a brief moment I can escape and pretend that I'm sitting on a beautiful porch overlooking whatever beautiful place my mind conjures up.

I realized though, that after all these years, I don't have a teapot! I just found these teapots from London company The Teapottery . They are so stinkin cute that I think I must have one! How many fellow tea lovers are there out there?


  1. You don't have a teatpot!? Do you just make it in the cup? I come from Ireland a nation that takes its tea seriously so by the time I was 16 I think I had about 3 haha

  2. Oh my these are super cute! I'd most definitely become a tea addict if I had one of these!



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