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Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 5 Oscar Looks

Hurray for the Oscars! I was so excited to see that my favorites won.  I think that Natalie Portman's best actress win was much deserved and I actually jumped for joy when the adorable Colin Firth won for best actor.
There was some really fun fashion this year and all such different looks! Here are my top five (cough 6) looks for the evening:

1. Mila Kunis in this amazing lavender Elie Saab gown. Oh that color!! This one was my favorite of the night
2. Sandra Bullock  in a scarlet Very Wang looks absolutely stunning! I wish I could pull off a color like this
3. Pregnant or not, Natalie Portman's plum Rodarte was perfect!
4. Even with Mathew McConaughey on her arm, Camila Alves stole the show in this BEAUTIFUL Kaufman Franco gown
5. Amy Adams is always beautiful, but this L'Wren Scott dress takes it to a whole new level. The color perfectly sets off her eyes and hair.
6. I know some aren't a fan of Michelle Williams Chanel dress, but she just looks so elegant and timeless to me

So that's my list. Also, I couldn't decide if I liked Gwenyth Paltrow's dress or not. She could wear paper bag and still look amazing, but I'm on the fence about the silver number.

Who were your favorites of the night?

(images via getty images)


  1. Great choices! I love that beautiful lavender coloured dress on Mila Kunis, and I also think Michelle Williams dress is beautiful. I would have liked to see Blue Valentine win some. xxxx

  2. i saw Mila Kunis on the red carpet tv show last night before I went to bed and knew this would remain one of my favourites. Gorgeous colour and perfect Oscar hair and makeup!

  3. Natalie for me is the best one too! She was great with the purple dress! she is a great artist and a inteligent woman!

  4. LOVED Mila Kunis, and I know people questioned Cate Blanchett's choice but I was kind of digging it. The only thing that drives me crazy about Amy Adams's ensemble is the necklace -- a good pair of earrings would've looked so much prettier!

  5. Camila Alves looks gorgeous! so glad to have found your blog, dear!

  6. Deanna I agree with you about Amy Adams necklace. Earrings would have totally killed it!



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