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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Great Escape


I have been feeling so off my game lately and I can't even pinpoint why! I feel like I'm always running to catch up. Do you ever get like that? Maybe I need another vacation and make it a longer one this time please.

I could be blissfully happy spending a week in this amazing seaside cabin in Norway. Isn't the blue and white decor perfect for an ocean retreat? I can just feel that sea breeze on my face. Heaven.

Read the cute story and history about this cabin here (you might need Google translate)

(via klikk)


  1. MMMM, escapism at its best! I LOVE this, staying there would be a perfect way to beat the blues! xxxxxxx

  2. that view! sigh. so pretty. i love all of the bright white walls and pretty blues in the house. so calming. xoox jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. I will love to go there! The colours indoors are so Mediterranean too, white and blue = summer!
    ;) Neus*



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