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Monday, January 24, 2011

Manly Monday

How was your weekend? Our weekend was wonderful. I got a little me time, so I went and got my hair done. I didn't do it quite this red, but I put some red highlights in and I love it! Oh and I also found some new products (more later). I felt so pretty afterward that we went out with some friends that evening.

So I am dedicating a Monday post to the men out there. I realized over the weekend that I have been leaving them out. So welcome to my first Manly Monday!

Guys you can have a mustache even if your significant other doesn't love it. Okay, it's not a real mustache, but it is a REALLY cool mustache T. It's a compromise...

I've always liked wingtips on guys. The Sartorialist (Mr. Fashion) proves that they are still timeless and classic.

I know that these jackets may be a little fashion forward for some guys, but just think they are a sexier version of the cardigan. Ladies back me up. Aren't they awesome?

I found and fell in love with these quality and funky custom leather bags (man bags). They also make bags for laptops, iPads...etc.

Happy Manly Monday!


  1. I love that menly post and my Balazs would adore that mustache tee and the bag...How cool:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  2. It's really good to see a "man" post - I keep meaning to do this on my own blog but I always get distracted. Love the first TShirt here!



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