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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If I Had A Million Dollars...

So I spent the better half of last night drooling over these English homes. I don't think there was one I wouldn't give my left arm to live in. However, this converted church in London literally made my jaw drop! The light, the windows, that courtyard....

If you have some time and want to look at some eye candy I highly recommend taking a look.

(via Light Locations)


  1. Happy New Year Amanda! Hope you have been well.
    Love the house especially for its hight ceilings. Well you can do a lot with a place like that.

  2. so so so cool and inspiring! for me - perfect!
    have a great day! xox

  3. gorgeous! There is just something I love about English homes. They are always so cosy. I suppose it's because they do spend a lot of time indoors so they are is more warmth in them then French homes. xx



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