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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Favs/Gift Guide For Guys

Oh my goodness it's been crazy, crazy crazy! We've been going non-stop with last minute shopping, Christmas parties, school parties and we have someone turning the big 5 tomorrow. I love this time of year, but it's always so hectic isn't it??

Well, here is my gift guide for guys that I've been meaning to get up for a while, so if any of you are last minute shoppers here's some fun stuff to consider.

1. A winter scarf tie because he's a kid at heart, but still cool
2. This hat art because he loves his hats and looks mighty good in em' too
3. A box of these amazing artisan chocolates because they are his two loves combined art+chocolate
4. Some touch gloves for cold days because he can't live without his beloved iPhone
5. These totally rad Star Wars flash drives because you first fell in love with his geeky side
6. A manly leather rhino footstool because he deserves to put his feet up at the end of the day
7. This awesome distressed woodgrain wallet because his is falling apart and he'd never buy a new one for himself

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet gift guide. I love the hat illustration! Have a lovely weekend celebrating your little one's 5th birthday. xx



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